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Done, Final hand in

Just handed in my final work for Major project this is my very last submission of work. Glad its all over finishing a few weeks ahead was ideal because I was able to chill out a bit and focus on my animation skills through extra animations. The Nightshift project went really well extremely pleased with the final result, as we had no VFX team, compositors, renders and a sound student that didn’t make the cut we took it upon ourselves as animators to fill these rolls, cant help but think how awesome the project could have turned out if we weren’t let out to dry on so many occasions. I managed to complete all aspects of my brief in good time and more so.

Throughout this project I leant many additional skills and pushed my knowledge into unknown locations. By having to take upon tasks which were not in my area of expertise I was dropped out side of my comfort zone yet didn’t still managed to succeed in all aspects of production.

Really enjoyed working with my fellow director Morgan Fripp keeping our cool when things got really bad and creating creative solutions to confronted problems. Great effort.

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Update on Hunter Sequence

Little update on animation progress had a hard-drive fail on me but managed to recover all the data, happy days! backing up everyday now. I’ve divided the animation into shots this way I can focus on each section making sure the animation is tight and working smoothly.

Looking back at it now I feel that a close up reaction shot would work nicely, so you can clearly see the reaction and facial detail.

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Sweatbox approaching…

I’ve got a review session called a sweat box on Monday 18th March, this is where I will have to show all the work I’ve been completing thus far. I’m about half way through the production stage which means that half of my work should be in a final stage. I believe I’m hitting the mark and more so having completed all my animations for “Nightshift”. Here is a video compilation of my work so far. Feedback would be awesome.

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NightShift – Animation

I haven’t been posting anything for my collaborative project much, this is due to my time being spent on working hard on the animations for ‘NightShift’ and this blog has taken a bit of a back seat sadly. So I’m now updating you guys with all my main animations from the film. note, the film is nearing completion on the animation side yet we still have 2 more weeks for fine tuning animations before lighting and compositing.