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Hunter Animations update

First couple of seconds for the introduction of the hunter animation, I’ve decided to animate straight ahead after the original block working to a nice standard before moving onto the next section of frames first set 0 – 60 frames. Just need to add in the detailed facial expressions.


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Sweatbox approaching…

I’ve got a review session called a sweat box on Monday 18th March, this is where I will have to show all the work I’ve been completing thus far. I’m about half way through the production stage which means that half of my work should be in a final stage. I believe I’m hitting the mark and more so having completed all my animations for “Nightshift”. Here is a video compilation of my work so far. Feedback would be awesome.

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NightShift – Animation

I haven’t been posting anything for my collaborative project much, this is due to my time being spent on working hard on the animations for ‘NightShift’ and this blog has taken a bit of a back seat sadly. So I’m now updating you guys with all my main animations from the film. note, the film is nearing completion on the animation side yet we still have 2 more weeks for fine tuning animations before lighting and compositing.