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NightShift – Animation

I haven’t been posting anything for my collaborative project much, this is due to my time being spent on working hard on the animations for ‘NightShift’ and this blog has taken a bit of a back seat sadly. So I’m now updating you guys with all my main animations from the film. note, the film is nearing completion on the animation side yet we still have 2 more weeks for fine tuning animations before lighting and compositing.


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Introduction for Hunter initial blockout

Final block out for the animation sequences for the hunter, this is the introduction piece that will hopefully lead my showreel introducing the hunter animation Beginning, Middle and end showing the hunters progression with his situation.

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Hunter Walk Cycle Final

Final animation for Hunter walk cycle, overall I’m extremely happy with the outcome, I’m thinking maybe one more polish pass just before I light and set the environment up for it. Some comments will be gladly appreciated and welcomed. Now to focus on finalizing the performance piece, will upload a new block of that in the next couple of days when its good to go.

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Hunter Project

Just started Major Production on my personal work I’m planning to animate a series of performance animations involving a character Rig I found online but edited slightly. My project target is to animate 20 seconds but I’m planning to go over this for showreel purposes possibly animating 3 performances that show progression of the situation the hunter is caught up in.

-Normal state – personalised walk cycle
-Panic state – Action performance piece
-final state – walk cycle performance piece in middle then back into cycle

Collection of pre-production sketches I worked on…

hunter joe